The catalogue of the intervention modules

The Civil Protection

The Civil Protection provides the population with assistance in case of small and big disasters. They reinforce the emergency services with heavy and specialized equipment.

The Civil Protection in Belgium comprises 450 professionals and 650 volunteers who are 24h/24, 365 days a year available. They work in six operational units spread over the Belgian territory.

The authorities (mayors, governors, and minister of Home Affairs) can appeal to them, just like the Directorate-General Civil Security (to which the units depend), the emergency rescue zones, the federal police and the operators 112, by contacting the duty officer of the unit that is geographically competent.

Its missions are the reinforcement of the first line and tasks that require more specialized techniques. The Civil Protection executes every year on average 4,000 interventions and has almost 670 vehicles for this.

One can appeal to the units of the Civil Protection,

  • either automatically through the 112,
  • or by proclaiming an emergency and intervention plan,
  • or according to a special convention,
  • or at request.

These means can also be requested preventively.

The catalogue of the intervention modules

The aim of this catalogue is to provide a coherent and global overview of the intervention capacities of the operational units of the Civil Protection.

It gives the existing situation at the date of publication.

The intervention modules are classified on theme, in accordance with the most important intervention categories (e.g. CBRN, technical support, ...), in the form of descriptive fiches.

They are developed on the basis of the needs in the field and are in accordance with the development of international standards on the subject, in particular in the framework of the European Mechanism for Civil Protection.

From a client-oriented approach, the emphasis is put on operational information on the capacity of the intervention teams with an eye to offering a quality service to the partners involved, that meets the needs and requirements of the field.