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The new website of the Directorate-General Civil Security of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs has been online since 22 April 2014.

The operational units of the Civil Protection, the operators and call takers at the emergency centres and the fire departments are at the centre of this new website. The aim of the project is to provide these target groups with current, relevant information on civil security.

What can you find on the website?

  • News on civil security
  • More information on the reform of the civil security and on the project 112.
  • Standard Operation Procedures and trainings developed by the Centre of Expertise for the Civil Security
  • Regulations
  • The technical cards and shortlists regarding the purchase of equipment
  • The online version of the catalogue of the intervention modules of the Civil Protection
  • Contact details

The emergency rescue zones, operational units of the Civil Protection and emergency centres receive a login and password for this website. So, ask your zone, unit or emergency centre for this and then you can download all documents. In other words, all relief workers get free access to the website. Nevertheless we for instance ask not to publish logins and passwords on a public website or through the social media.

Newsletter Security

Together with the new website, the Directorate-General Civil Security has, also at the request of the fire departments, taken the initiative to launch a common newsletter on security, together with the Directorate-General Crisis Centre and the Directorate-General Security and Prevention. Concretely, this means that after a while you will receive only one newsletter regarding security from the FPS Home Affairs in your mailbox. As from 24 April, the newsletters ‘Focus on the Civil Protection’, ‘Focus on 112’, ‘Focus on the reform’ and ‘Focus on the Centre of

Expertise’ will be history in favour of this new newsletter. So subscribe to the “Newsletter Security”  on our website.

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