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The "Reform" page is to be removed and be replaced with two new pages called "How the Zones Operate" and "About the Staff". There you will find all the updated information regarding the 34 emergency rescue zones' organization and the administrative and pecuniary status of these zones' operational staff. As the Fire Prevention Service has recently joined the Directorate-General Civil Security, a new webpage is specifically dedicated to "Fire Prevention".
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All the information which used to be on the "Reform" page has been updated and enriched. This data can from now on be consulted on two distinct pages, one page being mainly intended for the managers of the emergency rescue zones and the other page being for both the career and volunteer firefighters who work in those zones :




  • The emergency rescue zones constitute in Belgium supra-local authorities with an organization of their own. The webpage "How the Zones Operate" contains detailed advice, guidelines and other provisions that are tools designed to guide these zones through the rules that apply to them. Several topics are dealt with on this page, i.e.: the activity in the zone councils and colleges, developing the multiannual programme, financing the zones, etc. There is also a section dedicated to the work of the Steering Committee for the Reform of Civil Security. .
  • The emergency rescue zones also act as employers. To help these zones' operational staff find their way through their administrative and pecuniary status, the page "About the Staff" provides the reader with a series of FAQ. The "administrative status" FAQ are thus presented in a new manner to make the provisions of this status easier to read and understand. Each book pertaining to the status has its own distinct FAQ. The FAQ books are published as they are updated. Other sections dedicated to different aspects of the firefighter profession complete the information contained on that page, such as the training courses, the days off and other absences, or the working hours too. There is also a section dedicated to the paramedics.

As for the new "Fire Prevention" page, it contains a lot of information divided into two large blocks:

  • The General Requirements for fire prevention in buildings and the special dispensations in connection therewith.
  • Raising the awareness of citizens so that they can enhance the safety of their living environment by protecting themselves against fire hazards.

So you will not only find an overview of the Belgian federal regulations regarding fire prevention, but also :


  • The procedure to follow to apply for a departure from the basic standards concerning fire safety, as well as related FAQ and standard responses to frequently received applications.
  • Tips and advice on where smoke detectors should preferably be installed, on how to draw up an evacuation plan procedure for your dwelling, on safety hazards in the kitchen, etc.
  • Folders, fact sheets and other documents such as those provided at the latest “Safety Fortnight” held in Belgium in September 2019.

Discover without delay the new “Fire Brigade” page!