Career trainings : Operational sergeant (level D)

Civil protection
Diploma training

Operational co-operators with two years of seniority can register for the training “Brevet 1” to become an operational sergeant. Operational sergeants get more responsibilities as they get to lead operational co-operators and therefore receive a salary supplement for this.

The content of the training to obtain “brevet 1” is fixed in the ministerial decree of 29 August 2009 regarding the organization of the training courses of brevet I for the operational staff members of the Civil Protection. There are five modules to follow, of which the modules compressed air and hazmat suit were already discussed in the initial training practice for operational co-operators:

  • Chemistry – Nuclear –Hydraulics –Physics – Electricity – Administrative training – Pedagogy – Management of chemical interventions
  • Equipment and intervention techniques - Telecommunication
  • Rescue techniques – Detection of chemical and nuclear substance - Pollution
  • Wearing a breathing apparatus (ARI)
  • Wearing a hazmat suit


Nicolas Tuts
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