What does the Civil Protection do?


The Civil Protection is a federal emergency service that provides assistance to the population in the event of disasters. Its teams intervene with specialized resources to strengthen the action of the fire brigade, the police and other authorities (governors, mayors, etc.). 284 professional agents in two operational units (Crisnée & Brasschaat) carry out operations throughout Belgium and abroad. The Civil Protection can also rely on volunteers to strengthen its response capacities.

The Civil Protection is part of the Directorate-General Civil Security of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs. It intervenes at the request of the Minister of Home Affairs, a Governor, a Mayor, the fire brigade or the police.

Its internationally recognized logo symbolizes security and balance in chaos.


The triangle represents balance, the blue represents security and protection.

The orange circle refers to a fireball, it is the symbol of chaos.



The Civil Protection protects the population in the event of:

  • Accidents and pollutions involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances.
  • Rescue of persons (rescue and clearing of persons buried under rubble, rescue of persons in white water, specialized heavy rescue).
  • Large-scale flooding (damming and reinforcement, high-capacity pumping, etc.).
  • Support for crisis management (drone and observation and measurement robot, provision of telecommunications equipment and an operations command post,...).
  • Judicial missions at the request of the police or judicial authorities (search for missing persons, dismantling of drug laboratories or cannabis plantation, etc.).
  • Large fires in industrial buildings, tunnels, underground car parks or in forests.

The missions of the Civil Protection are determined by the Royal Decree of 10 June 2014 determining the civil protection missions and tasks carried out by the relief zones and by the civil protection operational units

Contact details

  • Operational unit Civil Protection – Crisnée
    Rue Vincent Bonnechère 30 – 4367 Crisnée
    Tel.: 04 257 66 00 – Fax: 04 351 93 40
    Email: ops.pc.scv-pcb@ibz.be

  • Operational unit Civil Protection – Brasschaat
    Miksebeekstraat 153 – 2930 Brasschaat 
    Tel.: 03 653 24 22 – Fax: 03 652 17 08
    Email: ops.cb.scv-pcb@ibz.be
  • Directorate Operations – Brussels
    Rue de Louvain 1 – 1000 Brussels
    Tel.: 02 500 23 68
    Email : ops.scv-pcb@ibz.be